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Channel-exclusive security solutions

outSOC was designed exclusively for MSPs, MSSPs and resellers, with everything you need to deliver enterprise-grade security.

Our flexible delivery models work for all situations. Whether you need outSOC to perform all the functions of the SOC or just particular elements, we’ll work with you to create a program that makes sense for your business and your customers.

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Log collection

Logs are sent from the customer devices to the outSOC cloud where they are ingested into the system.

Cloud logging allows for tamper-proof, secure storage and analysis, and helps maintain a pristine version for future analysis, investigation, or forensic purposes.

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Custom parsers

SIEM vendors often do a poor job of writing and maintaining log parsing capability. Our platform is different.

outSOC maintains a collection of custom written parsers for key technology manufacturers to improve data extraction and allow for enhanced investigative information.

Choose from 200+ supported device vendors, or let us create a custom parser for you in 2 weeks or less.

Managed SIEM 

Managed SIEM 

outSOC is SIEM-agnostic, so you can use our proprietary SIEM or bring your own.

For organizations looking to deploy basic functions of a SIEM, our built-in SIEM capability is the perfect solution — outSOC risk scoring, correlation writing, and alert handling are all managed by some of the world's most sophisticated SOC analysts.

Threat intelligence 

Threat intelligence 

Over 1.2 million threat intelligence indicators are fed into outSOC’s incident analysis engine to lower false-positive rates and add situational awareness to risk scoring in known malicious activity scenarios.

Threat intelligence is updated hourly to allow for the most advanced analytics capability on the market, providing an early warning alarm when bad actors begin probing or accessing customer infrastructure.

Fully integrated workflow and ticketing system 

Fully integrated workflow and ticketing system 

No need to purchase or integrate off-the-shelf products — outSOC is ready to go out of the box with an integrated workflow and ticketing system.

Security incidents are communicated through secure tickets, which are sent to customers via email (with token embed links back to the platform for view).

This system provides fluid communication between the platform, reseller partners, and end customers, and ensures that no private customer data is exposed in the workflow management process.

Behavioral analytics and risk scoring engine 

Behavioral analytics and risk scoring engine 

To identify even the most determined bad actors, the outSOC platform is integrated with the world's leading behavioral analytics platform, Cybraics.

This analytical engine was born out of DARPA and is used by the U.S. Department of Defense and to monitor its most secure installations.

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Smart automation  

Alleviate your analyst workload with our built-in risk scoring and incident handling automation.

Within a typical SIEM platform, there are constant alarm bells going off — even for low-risk items and false-positives.

outSOC has been proven to reduce source log events from millions to just a handful of actionable security incidents, with ratios as high as one million events ingested to one alert produced.

This massive reduction of noise allows your team to focus on critical risks that require immediate attention, without wasting time on extraneous alerts.

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Customizable report engine 

As an outSOC platform partner, you can utilize our AI engine to perform threat hunting, or you can combine our technology with your SOC analysts.

If you don’t have your own SOC analyst team, you can use ours!

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Partner enablement program

Our intuitive service interface provides a full suite of BPM tools to help you manage your customer base, including proposal management, sales quoting, and third-party interconnectivity.
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Multi-tier, white-label capability

The outSOC platform is built to support a multi-tier network with private labeling at all tiers, so you can control what brand your customers see.

Distributor, reseller, and customer support functions come out of the box, with built-in dashboards to manage onboarding and service delivery for each level.

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Multilingual and multi-timezone

outSOC is the perfect platform for globally distributed companies.

The system offers full support for language translations, and can supply time zone management for multi-region alerts.

With its multi-geographic architecture, outSOC supports data residency and compliance with national data privacy regulations.

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